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2014 and still playing with fire.

If you are looking for optimism, go ahead and come back later. Three and a half months and about twenty attempts at blog post later, my notes look like a … Continue reading

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2013, boxes, and revelry.

My good friend Ceci recently flew through town and we got to eat Chinese takeout, drink wine, and talk about all the ways we want to make sure we keep … Continue reading

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on being jackasses for Jesus.

You know how sometimes you forget something, but you can’t exactly remember what it is that you forgot. You carry on with your life until one day you are doing … Continue reading

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on being new…and not a cannibal

It’s not like it’s a surprise that we are all disasters in our own special ways. What is a surprise is how much we love it. Well, love is a … Continue reading

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no freedom in hohos.

I was snarky on someone’s Facebook yesterday, (Facebook snark? Really? Am I 12? This is why we can’t have nice things.) and I got the response “Christianity is freedom.” And … Continue reading

December 7, 2013 · 2 Comments

immaturely, I’d probably rather feel nothing.

Heaven sounds fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Read up on it sometime if you find yourself thinking about heaven as a boring, harp playing, robe wearing (and will they be polyester? I … Continue reading

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breaking up was the best thing.

Apologetics. Yeah. I hate that word. I think I hate the idea. We have a bit of a dirty past. It started slow, Case for Christ, Case for Faith, but … Continue reading

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